Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Update: Week 40

Had my regular weekly appointment today. No change from last week in dilation or effacement. We are set to induce labor on Friday morning. We have to be at the hospital by 6 am. I'm really nervous about it now, but glad that she will be here in less than 48 hours. I am glad that my doctor will be there. Well I guess by Sunday we'll be at home with a baby!

Baby’s due date: December 25, Christmas Day

Well, we had a very eventful Christmas, but it did not involve the baby being born. I woke up on Christmas morning at about 1:30am, very sick. I had violent vomiting and barely made it to the bathroom. I’ve never throw up like that before, my whole body was convulsing and shaking. After the first time I left better, and went back to slept. But it wasn’t over. Over the next few hours I was sick again and then the diarrhea started. After about 4 hours of this Tony called the doctor on call and she told us to go ahead and go to the hospital, so they could monitor the baby and give me fluids.

We got there about 6am, and checked in. I was still really sick, but the baby was still doing fine. They strapped two monitors around my waist. The baby’s heartbeat was very good, in the 150’s. They could also tell that I was having very minor contractions. I had wondered about that, because my stomach had been hurting so bad. I just didn’t know if it was contractions or from being sick. These contractions were only lasting about 10-15 seconds, and occurring about every 20-25 minutes. They were probably brought on by my vomiting. I still can’t believe how sick I was and that it didn’t cause my water to break. Once I stopped vomiting the contractions stopped.

I tried some jello and Gatorade, but was not able to keep it down. So they had to give me an IV with fluids and some anti-nausea medicine – Phenergan. I’ve had the Phenergan before, it puts me to sleep like magic. This was at about 8am, and I slept until almost 11. Then I tried more Gatorade, and was able to keep it down. So they let us go home about 11:30am. Then I slept the rest of Christmas day and night. Not exactly what I had in mind for Christmas. I am feeling better today, just really tired. I either had food poisoning or a virus, we don't know what it was. But Tony never got it, thankfully. He was the best in taking care of me and fielding all the calls from family.

This afternoon I go back to my doctor for my regular weekly checkup. Hopefully she will still agree to induce labor on Friday.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Update: Week 39

Still here. Still waiting on baby to arrive. Yesterday was my weekly appointment. I'm dilated to 5cm, and almost 100% effaced. No weight gain from last week, thankfully! The baby's still doing good, strong heartbeat in the 140's. But she really has not dropped significantly. And I guess that she may not, this might be one of those times when you really need the contractions to move the baby down.

We scheduled induction for the 28th, in case she doesn't arrive on her own before then. I was worried about that, because trying to induce can cause other problems and it can fail. But my doctor said that since I've progressed so far on my own, that I shouldn't have any issues like that. It's when you try to induce when you aren't dilated or effaced that it can fail. But all I'm lacking is contractions to get this baby moving, so if we do have to induce she said that I'd have the baby within 12 hours. But she also said that she doesn't think I will make it to the 28th since I've been progressing so steadily on my own over the past 3 weeks. Maybe she will arrive right on time? Her time that is, my time for her arrival has definitely past!

So within the next 8 days we will have our baby girl! It feels very good to have an end date. Tomorrow is my last day at work too. We really don't have any plans for the weekend, just more waiting. I am still getting a few things done, there is always something you know. But the bags are all packed and in the car, the baby's room is ready, everything major is in place.

Monday, December 17, 2007

38 weeks & 5 days

Here's me on December 15, at 38 weeks and 5 days. Not the best picture, it's from my cell phone.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Update: Week 38

I am really dragging this week. Yesterday was my weekly doctor appointment. I've dilated another centimeter to 4cm, and I am 90% effaced. And the baby has dropped a few centimeters, according to the doctor's measurements, but I can't tell because I've had more difficultly breathing this week than ever. But I guess that makes sense, I'm exhausted, she's only getting bigger, and even if she is moving down some she is still taking up a lot of room.

But without contractions these little steps of progress it don't mean a whole lot! Basically the baby could arrive tomorrow or any time over the next two weeks, meaning that we could go past the due date. We are just waiting on whatever it is that triggers labor to happen. Funny that we still don't know exactly what that is with all the advances in science and medicine.

But it is good in way because the dilation is progress that I won't have to make during labor when I'm contracting. So it's kind of a little head start for me. But it doesn't necessarily mean that labor will be shorter or anything. Also, it's good that she is dropping, because if you start contracting and the baby is still high, then you basically have to wait for the contractions to move her down that much further. So again, it's a little head start that she's moving down before labor starts.

So we are just waiting. My next appointment is the 19th, and then after that if she is still not here, I'll see my doctor again on the 24th. At that point, we'll discuss options for if I do go past the due date (25th). She's already said that she will want to induce within 7 days. So at my appointment on the 24th we'll discuss when I would want to come in for inducement. But hopefully that won't be necessary, and she will arrive by the end of this weekend!

I wish this was my last week of work, but I've said that I would work until the 21st. I am just so tired, went to bed last night at 8pm!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Baby Face

A couple of nights ago I dreamt that I saw our baby's face. She was so tiny! A cute round face with round cheeks, lots of dark hair, the deepest blue eyes, and a sweet smile on her lips! Well soon I guess we'll find out exactly what she looks like! Two weeks and one day until Christmas and the due date, but I really hope and believe that she arrives by this weekend!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Update: Week 37

The baby is now officially full-term! Had my weekly appointment yesterday. Everything is great, my doctor says that I'm having a text-book normal pregnancy. I've dilated a bit more to a total of 3cm. The baby's still head down but she has not dropped yet. I only had a slight weight gain since last week, just 1 pound.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Update: Week 36!!!

Yesterday was my week 36 appointment! I can't believe how fast the pregnancy is coming to a close! The checkup went well, everything is still good. I had the first pelvic (cervical) check. I'm already 1.5 cm dilated and 75% effaced! But my doctor said that doesn't mean that she will arrive early, I could still be at this point next week. But it is sure a good motivator to get stuff done, knowing that I'm making a little progress in that area! So much to do at work, and at home!

I have to say, the cervical check hurt! But anyway, everything else was fine. The baby's about 5.5-6 pounds. She has not dropped yet, but that can happen at any time. While we were listening to the heartbeat, I swear she was practicing some Taebo or kickboxing! Or maybe she tried to stand up, but the movement was amazing and it looked like a rocket was about to come out of my stomach! We had never seen her move so much so fast!

One other thing, in the week since my last appointment, I had gained another 4 pounds! But in my defense, (besides just being pregnant), it was Thanksgiving last week! And my feet are still swelling, and I'm not wearing my rings. Plus the baby is gaining about a pound per week. But honestly I'm also eating candy like crazy. It's everywhere! Co-Workers are still bring candy from Halloween that they don't want their kids to have, and my sweet tooth is in overdrive. I just want cake, pie, pastries of any kind! Ok, enough of that, must not think of sweets!

So last night I washed a huge load of baby clothes, sheets and blankets. This weekend I will pack my bag and the baby's bag for the hospital. We are about 90% ready for her, as far as things go at home, having stuff setup, etc. I'd say 100% but I'm not sure if you can ever be that ready.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Update: Week 35

Last Tuesday (11/20) was the start of week 35. Exactly 5 weeks until Christmas! I went to the doctor on Wednesday, and will now be going every week until the baby is born. She is about 5-5.5 pounds, and I can tell! I've started to retain some water and have some minor swelling in my hands, feet and face. I've stopped wearing my rings because I don't want them to get stuck on my fingers. Sometimes I feel so heavy, and it's not wonder since I am now up to 163 pounds! Total weight gain is at 35 pounds. My doctor is not worried, and really I don't look that big, so I'm trying not to let it bother me. She says that now the baby is gaining weight and the rest is water, so I'm not packing on any more fat, supposedly!

We are almost ready for her arrival. A few things left to get are bassinet sheets, a diaper bag, more diapers, and probably other things that I can't think of right now. I'm starting to get a bit anxious. Time to pack for the hospital this week. Also, the car seat base in my backseat is strange, not used that yet!

I will try to update every week until she is born, week 36 starts tomorrow and I'll be back at the doctor's office on Wednesday.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Stop kicking me! Or Update - Week 30

Well it has been a while since my last post! September and most of October have flown by, and I'm now carrying a big baby belly! You can check out my tummy in the picture below (it's from my cell phone so not the greatest quality picture). The baby is about 3 pounds now, and she is so strong! Multiple kicks and punches are very frequent now. She will also cause intense pressure by stretching and holding her position, so even though she's not kicking me, it still hurts!

We had our first baby shower in September, given by Tony's mother, aunt and friend of his mom's. It was very nice, we received a lot of wonderful things and it was good to be around family. That was our last trip to Lindale until after the birth.

Some of my cousins also threw a shower for me and another cousin that's pregnant last weekend in my hometown of West. It was really fun, and interesting to be part of a double shower. We also received very nice gifts too! So many cute baby outfits! I can't wait to play dress up with her! This was my last trip to West before the birth, it was very nice to be home. Mom cooked some of my favorites, and I just really enjoyed being there and being in that "kid" frame of mind for one last time, before I'm forever a mom to someone else!

Friday was my 31st birthday, and it was a great one! My boss threw a shower at work for me, and it was really nice, she did alot of work for it! The food was great, we had the most awesome chocolate cake with a vanilla cheesecake filling and cream cheese icing! YUMMY!! And still more generous gifts for baby! Tony bought me a pregnancy massage package, I can't wait to call and schedule it! Friday night we were too tired to go out, so we ordered pizza, which I love and is just as good a birthday dinner as eating out! Then Saturday we went to Olive Garden and that was great too!

So, we still do not have a name. If you have a suggestion, I'd love to hear it. Tony has tricked me into a deadline of his birthday (11/14), so time is running out! Of course, what's the worst that happens if we can't pick by then? I don't think we'll stop looking!

Well, here's an update on my other babies, Chloe and Anya! Chloe turned 3 on 9/6, and we made a trip to the vet for her long overdue annual checkup. It had been 18 months since she went to the vet, and since that time I'd switched to a cat only vet up in Round Rock. So I loaded her up and off we went. She was meowing before we got out of the driveway, and I remembered how she hates the car. Well, the trip is about 30-35 minutes, and I realized that's her threshold for time in the car before she gets sick. So it was race, and unfortunately for us both, we lost.

About 10 minutes from the vet she got sick in her crate and threw up. It was not that bad, but if I had any sense I would not have feed her that morning! But my sense has been sucked away by the baby. Chloe is pretty upset, still constantly meowing in her crate. We get about 5 minutes from the vet, just a couple of miles, and she freaks out, howling like I've never heard her do before. Then the smell hits me! Oh hell, she has had diarrhea in her crate! Poor, poor kitty is really upset now, and I can't do anything but put the windows down and drive. No reason to stop, I have nothing to clean this up with anyway! Chloe is trapped in her crate between a pile of vomit and a bigger pile of liquid crap! I get her to the vet asap, running in and saying "I'm so sorry, my cat got sick in both directions and I don't have anything to clean her up with!"

Well the vet tech just takes the crate, says no problem and back she goes with Chloe to get her cleaned up! They even cleaned out her crate! It was so nice of them!

As for her appointment, once she was clean and calm, she did great! She's perfectly healthy, just a little overweight at 14.5 pounds, she should be around 12. I also got her micro chipped while we were there. Overall she had a great visit and received a lot of compliments on her beautiful coat and green eyes. Dr. Smith said she most likely has some Bengal in her.

Anya turns 2 next week, but she just had her annual check up this summer. She's still small, 8 pounds, but that's just her size. She's really becoming an attention seeker and love bug, under the right circumstances. She'll sit in my lap and let me love her all over, as long as we are in the bathroom. That's our morning routine, she watches us get ready, at some point I pick her up and set her in my lap, and we have our 5-15 minutes of cuddling. At night she'll bring up a toy and drop at my side of the bed, and meow and tell me all about I need to get up and play with her! She also sleeps in her bed on the floor, next to my side of the bed. One day I'd love for her to actually sleep with us, but she really hates the bed. It's strange really, both our cats rarely get on the bed, and if they do, they don't stay long.

Me at Week 30!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Baby Update: Week 22 and Ultrasound

Yesterday, Wednesday, we had our 3rd and most likely last ultrasound. Once again, it was amazing! It was much shorter, since the doctor was really only checking out a few things. The doctor did confirm that she does not have a cleft palate, so that's great news! And she's still a girl, the doctor checked again!

We got about 7 more minutes of video footage, so Tony will be adding that to our DVD. We did see her sucking on her fingers this time, then she put a foot in her mouth! She also yawned, guess it gets pretty boring in there! The doctor estimated her weight at 1 pound 3 ounces.

I weighed at the doctor's office, and have only gained a few more pounds since the last visit. Just 11 pounds total. But I am most certainly showing now, which is nice! I'm still having a lot of cramping in my legs at night. It's so painful! But overall I am feeling great!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Baby Update: Week 21

Baby girl is moving quite a lot these days. Yesterday, as I was lying on the couch, she pressed something up again my abdomen, either a foot, or knee. She just keep pressing and I could feel this hard little knot! I called Tony over so he could feel it too. Then a few seconds later she moved it, but it was so neat to feel her!

I finally got a body pillow so maybe that will help me sleep better. Now that both of us have multiple pillows, the king sized bed is really crowded! I had more leg cramping this week, but Tony's offered to start walking with me in the evenings, so that should help. Exercise is good, but it's hard to get motivated.

I got my hair cut this weekend, it feels so much lighter! Well, I hadn't gotten a cut since March! That's way too long, I know! Anyway, I have a new stylist, Jake, and he is awesome. He actually got my naturally frizzy hair to curl! I did an ok job of it this morning on my own, but I need to practice with the diffuser and get some curl enhancing products. I didn't get any from the salon, way too expensive. But I've gotten a few compliments on my hair today, so I must have done an ok job!

Only two more weeks of the month left. Thursday we have ultrasound #3! I can't wait to see her again!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Visitor in my dream.

Last night I had such a wonderful dream. It was one of those dreams were you are watching stuff happen, yet at the same time it felt so real. I walked into a large room, it was dark with lots of people sitting around. I walked up to a man sitting in a chair, maybe it was a rocking chair. I walked right up to him, and he stood up, tall, old and frail, but so happy. He smiled and hugged me so hard, I felt it in my sleep. It was my Pawpaw.

I don't remember him speaking, but that hug, I can still feel it. His parents, my great-grandparents, were also there, sitting in chairs; they waved at me. Then the dream changed and it was Christmas and the extended family was getting ready to sit down for a big meal. I felt so happy we were all together, that Pawpaw was there. I don't remember much after that.

I've never dreamed about someone who has died, so it was very weird. But so good. I just felt so happy this morning, that he was watching out for me, that he is near and it feels so good to know that.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today was Wednesday, August 16, 2006. One year ago today my Pawpaw died. I believe it was around 6pm in the evening, I remember my mom calling about 6:15 to let me know. I was at home, laying on the couch, literally waiting for the call. He was dying of bone cancer and we all knew he would pass at any time. I had spent the day at work, anxiously waiting, wondering if I would make it through the day before he died.

It seems much longer than a year, yet at the same time, how can it possibly have been an entire year? So much has changed. But that's life, right? Since last year, Tony and I decided to try for a child, I got pregnant, and I lost another grandparent. Now I'm 5 months and having a little girl, due on Christmas Day.

A year without my Pawpaw. It's been very sad, I miss him so much. But I know he's watching over me, and he knows about my baby, and he's watching over her too.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Well, it's a ....

GIRL!!! Yes, we've got a very healthy little girl on the way! Our ultrasound on 7/27 went very well, we were able to see some amazing things and even got 7 minutes of video. We heard the heartbeat, a strong 153 bpm. The tech zoomed in on her heart and we were able to see the perfectly formed 4 chambers. The tech commented "gorgeous heart, just gorgeous." She said that a lot about things, "gorgeous", which is great, our baby is developing perfectly! According to her growth and measurements, she is tracking right on target for a Dec. 25th birth!

She was in a weird position, laying upside down and facing my back, her head on my bladder (which I could have told the tech!). They got all the pictures of her they needed except for one. She wouldn't turn around so they could see her top lip and verify she didn't have a cleft palate. So we get to go back and get another ultrasound on 8/23! Of course, there is no reason to worry she would have a cleft palate, but it's just something they have to confirm.

We got a beautiful picture of her profile, and some amazing pictures of her brain. I will try to post pictures and the video today. Tony worked very hard and was able to convert the VHS tape into digital format, and made DVD's for the grandparents.

Monday, July 16, 2007

All I want for Christmas is....

a healthy baby! That's right, I'm pregnant, and our baby is due on December 25, 2007!

I promise to post the ultrasound pictures soon, but I've got a lot of catching up to do. I was sick from week 6-week 14, and after dragging myself through work, I have had no engery left for posting. But around week 14-15 I finally started to turn the corner, slowly, and now at week 16 I'm feeling much better!. Only six months to go! More info later, I'm also behind at work and have a lot of catching up to do here!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mennita Peterson, 1921-2007

My Granny Peterson has passed away, yesterday morning. She was my mother's mother. I have a lot of wonderful memories of her. I can see her in her old kitchen out in the country, making kolaches, cleaning, just being my Granny. I remember Easter egg hunts and making hand churned ice-cream on the back porch. On Christmas Eve she'd always send my uncle or an older cousin out to cut down a little tree for the house, and we'd all decorate it. I remember waking up one morning when I was 4 to her frying bacon in my parents house. I asked her "where are my mom and dad?" She replied that they were gone to hospital to my have baby brother. I also remember her picking me up from school in the 6th grade. It was the last day before the Christmas break (or maybe Thanksgiving?) and we were supposed to watch Batman. But I got sick and she had to take me home. I remember when I was shopping for a wedding dress, she came to the bridal shop in West to watch. She had a seat of honor, right in the front, and from there she passed judgement on every dress I tried on. I really loved this one dress, it was very modern, strapless, and silver and white. She wrinkled her nose and said no! She was right too, a few dresses later I found the one, more traditional, short sleeves, just perfect for me.

She had been the nursing home for the last 3 years or so, and was in declining health. She was 85, just 17 days shy of her 86th birthday. I got to see her last Friday, and talk to her. She was able to respond, and she smiled and was happy. That was the last time she talked. At least now she is with my Pawpaw, who died in 1980. Twenty-seven years is a long time to be apart.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Visit with in-laws

Well it's been almost two weeks, but I do want to blog about my in-laws' visit. It had been almost two years since Tony's mom and dad had come to stay with us, so a lot had changed. We had new furniture, a new cat, and lots of other changes had been made around the house. They came in on Thursday evening, and stayed through Monday morning. We had a good visit, and definitely can say that we ate well! We took them to all Austin original places and I think they enjoyed every one! They loved the house, the furniture, and especially the guest bathroom. I didn't get the shadow boxes with shells hung up, but it still looks great and they enjoyed it.

Unfortunately I had to make a quick trip to West on Friday evening with my brother during their visit. My mom's mother is very ill and that day seemed like she may pass away soon, and I wanted to see her again. Tony's parents are so great, they wanted me to go and totally understood. So I went up Friday night and came back Saturday. Since then my Granny is still holding on, but liver and kidney failure at age 85 is not going to get better.

Much nicer!

Ok, I've changed the layout template, I like it much better!


I have been avoiding my blog recently. I think it's because I am a complete-ist (don't know how to spell that). I feel that I must blog about everything that has happened since my last blog. If it's been two weeks since then, it's an overwhelming task and so I avoid it. I've really got to stop looking at it like that, and realize that I can't document every moment, every thought. I used to do this with my written journals back in college. I've force myself to write every day or two, for hours, detailing everything! But it wasn't fun, it was work, and eventually I stopped writing in my journals. (Didn't stop buying them, of course, I love journals!!) Another reason is I don't like the look of my blog, but really don't know much about to change it. Anyway, I'm aiming to write for fun more often!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Less than 36 hours and my in-laws will be here. Things remaining on my list:

finish shadow boxes for bathroom
clean bathroom
grocery shopping
clean house
clean house
clean house
plan things to do on visit
clean house

I am looking forward to their visit, it's been almost 2 years and we've done so much with the house, I can't wait for them to see it! The guest bathroom is 98% done! I just need to hang a few things on the wall, and give it good cleaning.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Snow in April

Wow, snow in April! I went home to West yesterday to visit my parents, and today it actually snowed! At first it was just little flakes, but after lunch it started really coming down! I was able to take a few pictures on my cell phone! Then I drove back to Austin, and it snowed until Temple, and it was so thick! It was sticking in the grass, but the streets were still too warm. I guess because it was melting on contact, thankfully!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


I haven't written in a long time, but I've really wanted too. Now I can't remember half the things I wanted to write about. Guess I'll try this short recall list:


Bridge to Terabithia - good story for the most part, a bit too long, the kids were cute but it's a sad story and the ending was a let down. Thumbs on the side.

The Last Mimzy - good story, not too long, believable actors, cute kids. Thumbs up!

300 - too long, too much over the top imagery, too much fake blood. Thumbs down. (Sorry Tony)
Wanting to see: Blades of Glory


Yard - I was able to make the brick circle around the tree in the back yard, it looks pretty good. Even Tony thinks so! The tree is blooming, with new green leaves, it's so pretty! It was very muddy but I think that helped me to dig the shallow trench around the tree and place the bricks on their sides. I still have about 50 bricks so I can some day do the trees in the front yard, and one day make a flower bed.

Guest Bathroom - The painting is done! I think it turned out well, the horrible turquoise is gone! I've almost decided on blue and green towels, and the accessories are shell themed. I need to get a new shower curtain and rod, new towel bars, buy the shadow boxes and decorate them, buy towels, and just put it all together. It's all in my head for now, but I only have 2 weeks before Tony's parent's visit so I need to get it done! Maybe I'll actually be able to post before and after pictures.

Well that's a very condensed version of what's been going on. I'll try to write more later. Now I really need to get back to work!

Monday, March 12, 2007

I am feeling so blah today! Not getting much done at work, yet worrying about all the things I need to get done outside of work! I really need a vacation, yet haven't the first clue in how to plan something. It just seems such an insurmountable task that I can't get started. Do I use a travel agent, or book something online? The summer is filling up fast and I really need to give my boss the dates I'll be gone. I had a weekend getaway planned for April as a surprise for Tony, but the great deal on the hotel I was going to get fell through, so now what? Clearly, I'm in over my head.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I've got to start posting more often! I have been avoiding it because I want to be able to load lots of pictures and haven't figured it out yet. But I shouldn't let that stop me from writing!

Lots of things going on, as usual. It's already March! I've been training for a 10K run on the 25th, but actually I'm not doing that well. I've only been running about twice a week, and I'm still having to walk a lot of the time.

I have been doing some yard work which I really like. I've planted two rose bushes, one in the front yard and one the back yard. Both are Hybrid tea roses, and one it red and the other is pink. I've also got some bulbs growing in large pot, but I can't remember if they are tulips or daffodils, or something else. We'll see when they bloom, if they bloom!
I've got a big home project coming up. I am finally going to finish the guest bathroom. When we bought the house it was a horrible turquoise color. For two years I looked at and hated it, and then finally last summer I was able throw up two coats of primer to cover it up. But then I got sidetracked and never finished. But this month I will finish it! I've got the color picked out, and I'm going to start prepping the bathroom this weekend. I've got "before" pictures, and maybe one day I'll be able to post "after" pictures too!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Well, I managed to make a few gifts for the holidays this year. I gave two scarfs to my mom, one to my sister, one to my mother-in-law, and one to Tony's aunt. I have pictures of all and hope to post them here soon.

I also got a set of round knitting looms for Christmas, so I hope to use those in the new year.

Scarfs are still the one thing that I can make, so I hope in 2007 that I can try something new.