Friday, August 24, 2007

Baby Update: Week 22 and Ultrasound

Yesterday, Wednesday, we had our 3rd and most likely last ultrasound. Once again, it was amazing! It was much shorter, since the doctor was really only checking out a few things. The doctor did confirm that she does not have a cleft palate, so that's great news! And she's still a girl, the doctor checked again!

We got about 7 more minutes of video footage, so Tony will be adding that to our DVD. We did see her sucking on her fingers this time, then she put a foot in her mouth! She also yawned, guess it gets pretty boring in there! The doctor estimated her weight at 1 pound 3 ounces.

I weighed at the doctor's office, and have only gained a few more pounds since the last visit. Just 11 pounds total. But I am most certainly showing now, which is nice! I'm still having a lot of cramping in my legs at night. It's so painful! But overall I am feeling great!


Anonymous said...

Need an update. J

Anonymous said...

Mommy Ronda needs to update her site. Bad mommy!