Monday, March 12, 2007

I am feeling so blah today! Not getting much done at work, yet worrying about all the things I need to get done outside of work! I really need a vacation, yet haven't the first clue in how to plan something. It just seems such an insurmountable task that I can't get started. Do I use a travel agent, or book something online? The summer is filling up fast and I really need to give my boss the dates I'll be gone. I had a weekend getaway planned for April as a surprise for Tony, but the great deal on the hotel I was going to get fell through, so now what? Clearly, I'm in over my head.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I've got to start posting more often! I have been avoiding it because I want to be able to load lots of pictures and haven't figured it out yet. But I shouldn't let that stop me from writing!

Lots of things going on, as usual. It's already March! I've been training for a 10K run on the 25th, but actually I'm not doing that well. I've only been running about twice a week, and I'm still having to walk a lot of the time.

I have been doing some yard work which I really like. I've planted two rose bushes, one in the front yard and one the back yard. Both are Hybrid tea roses, and one it red and the other is pink. I've also got some bulbs growing in large pot, but I can't remember if they are tulips or daffodils, or something else. We'll see when they bloom, if they bloom!
I've got a big home project coming up. I am finally going to finish the guest bathroom. When we bought the house it was a horrible turquoise color. For two years I looked at and hated it, and then finally last summer I was able throw up two coats of primer to cover it up. But then I got sidetracked and never finished. But this month I will finish it! I've got the color picked out, and I'm going to start prepping the bathroom this weekend. I've got "before" pictures, and maybe one day I'll be able to post "after" pictures too!