Sunday, December 28, 2008

Emma turns one!

Today my daughter turned one year old! It's been such a great year! Looking back, I am most thankful for our nursing relationship. In the beginning it was so hard! I had to deal with lots of pain, infections, allergic reactions to medications, clogged ducts, blisters, and more pain. But it has been worth it! I know I am so connected and bonded to Emma because of our nursing, and she is just as connected to me! In the beginning we nursed for immunity and nourishment. Now we also nurse to connect, relax, and bond. I love to look at her sweet face as she nurses and know that I'm not only feeding her, but also giving her so much love. She may be 1 year old, but she is still very young and she needs me, and I think she needs to continue to nurse. I want to continue this part of our relationship too. I want to let her wean gradually, at her own pace, but also within a time frame that I am comfortable with. I know it's just something we will need to work out together.

Happy birthday Emma! You are the light in my life and the center of my heart!