Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lots of Stuff

I've got so many things on my mind lately. Today is one year since my friend Jamie passed away. She was only 35. We worked together at the Museum and the Capitol and became friends. She left the Capitol in October of 2006, and then of course I got pregnant in April 2007, so we didn't see each other much after that. In fact, I only saw her one other time in 2007. We did keep in touch with MySpace and email, and a few weeks before she died we talked about getting together so she could met Emma. It never happened. She died at her apartment sometime between 11:40pm on 4/20/08 and 12:15am on 4/21/08. She even called 911 but by the time they arrived she was beyond help. I didn't know any of her other friends or family, so I never found out what exactly happened. So I'm thinking of Jamie, and how fragile life is.

I hate to be negative and depressing, but it's my blog and I need to vent. I keep reading about such terrible things happening. Husbands killing their wives and children, a guy drinking and driving a car full of children into a ditch and the children, some babies, drowning while the SOB driving the car gets out! How can he get out of the car but not keep it on the freaking road?? Children going missing, being killed by strangers and even family members. It's horrible and really testing my faith. Why are people so evil? And sorry to be sexist but it seems to be 99% men doing these terrible things. But then we do have the cases of moms killing their children too. So are these people messed up because they weren't treated right as children? How can we stop the cycle?

And now the cat's puking so I need to go clean that. Consider yourself lucky that I didn't have time to finish my whole rant!