Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mennita Peterson, 1921-2007

My Granny Peterson has passed away, yesterday morning. She was my mother's mother. I have a lot of wonderful memories of her. I can see her in her old kitchen out in the country, making kolaches, cleaning, just being my Granny. I remember Easter egg hunts and making hand churned ice-cream on the back porch. On Christmas Eve she'd always send my uncle or an older cousin out to cut down a little tree for the house, and we'd all decorate it. I remember waking up one morning when I was 4 to her frying bacon in my parents house. I asked her "where are my mom and dad?" She replied that they were gone to hospital to my have baby brother. I also remember her picking me up from school in the 6th grade. It was the last day before the Christmas break (or maybe Thanksgiving?) and we were supposed to watch Batman. But I got sick and she had to take me home. I remember when I was shopping for a wedding dress, she came to the bridal shop in West to watch. She had a seat of honor, right in the front, and from there she passed judgement on every dress I tried on. I really loved this one dress, it was very modern, strapless, and silver and white. She wrinkled her nose and said no! She was right too, a few dresses later I found the one, more traditional, short sleeves, just perfect for me.

She had been the nursing home for the last 3 years or so, and was in declining health. She was 85, just 17 days shy of her 86th birthday. I got to see her last Friday, and talk to her. She was able to respond, and she smiled and was happy. That was the last time she talked. At least now she is with my Pawpaw, who died in 1980. Twenty-seven years is a long time to be apart.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Visit with in-laws

Well it's been almost two weeks, but I do want to blog about my in-laws' visit. It had been almost two years since Tony's mom and dad had come to stay with us, so a lot had changed. We had new furniture, a new cat, and lots of other changes had been made around the house. They came in on Thursday evening, and stayed through Monday morning. We had a good visit, and definitely can say that we ate well! We took them to all Austin original places and I think they enjoyed every one! They loved the house, the furniture, and especially the guest bathroom. I didn't get the shadow boxes with shells hung up, but it still looks great and they enjoyed it.

Unfortunately I had to make a quick trip to West on Friday evening with my brother during their visit. My mom's mother is very ill and that day seemed like she may pass away soon, and I wanted to see her again. Tony's parents are so great, they wanted me to go and totally understood. So I went up Friday night and came back Saturday. Since then my Granny is still holding on, but liver and kidney failure at age 85 is not going to get better.

Much nicer!

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I have been avoiding my blog recently. I think it's because I am a complete-ist (don't know how to spell that). I feel that I must blog about everything that has happened since my last blog. If it's been two weeks since then, it's an overwhelming task and so I avoid it. I've really got to stop looking at it like that, and realize that I can't document every moment, every thought. I used to do this with my written journals back in college. I've force myself to write every day or two, for hours, detailing everything! But it wasn't fun, it was work, and eventually I stopped writing in my journals. (Didn't stop buying them, of course, I love journals!!) Another reason is I don't like the look of my blog, but really don't know much about to change it. Anyway, I'm aiming to write for fun more often!!