Friday, May 04, 2007

Visit with in-laws

Well it's been almost two weeks, but I do want to blog about my in-laws' visit. It had been almost two years since Tony's mom and dad had come to stay with us, so a lot had changed. We had new furniture, a new cat, and lots of other changes had been made around the house. They came in on Thursday evening, and stayed through Monday morning. We had a good visit, and definitely can say that we ate well! We took them to all Austin original places and I think they enjoyed every one! They loved the house, the furniture, and especially the guest bathroom. I didn't get the shadow boxes with shells hung up, but it still looks great and they enjoyed it.

Unfortunately I had to make a quick trip to West on Friday evening with my brother during their visit. My mom's mother is very ill and that day seemed like she may pass away soon, and I wanted to see her again. Tony's parents are so great, they wanted me to go and totally understood. So I went up Friday night and came back Saturday. Since then my Granny is still holding on, but liver and kidney failure at age 85 is not going to get better.

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