Friday, May 04, 2007


I have been avoiding my blog recently. I think it's because I am a complete-ist (don't know how to spell that). I feel that I must blog about everything that has happened since my last blog. If it's been two weeks since then, it's an overwhelming task and so I avoid it. I've really got to stop looking at it like that, and realize that I can't document every moment, every thought. I used to do this with my written journals back in college. I've force myself to write every day or two, for hours, detailing everything! But it wasn't fun, it was work, and eventually I stopped writing in my journals. (Didn't stop buying them, of course, I love journals!!) Another reason is I don't like the look of my blog, but really don't know much about to change it. Anyway, I'm aiming to write for fun more often!!

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