Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Well, it's a ....

GIRL!!! Yes, we've got a very healthy little girl on the way! Our ultrasound on 7/27 went very well, we were able to see some amazing things and even got 7 minutes of video. We heard the heartbeat, a strong 153 bpm. The tech zoomed in on her heart and we were able to see the perfectly formed 4 chambers. The tech commented "gorgeous heart, just gorgeous." She said that a lot about things, "gorgeous", which is great, our baby is developing perfectly! According to her growth and measurements, she is tracking right on target for a Dec. 25th birth!

She was in a weird position, laying upside down and facing my back, her head on my bladder (which I could have told the tech!). They got all the pictures of her they needed except for one. She wouldn't turn around so they could see her top lip and verify she didn't have a cleft palate. So we get to go back and get another ultrasound on 8/23! Of course, there is no reason to worry she would have a cleft palate, but it's just something they have to confirm.

We got a beautiful picture of her profile, and some amazing pictures of her brain. I will try to post pictures and the video today. Tony worked very hard and was able to convert the VHS tape into digital format, and made DVD's for the grandparents.

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