Thursday, December 20, 2007

Update: Week 39

Still here. Still waiting on baby to arrive. Yesterday was my weekly appointment. I'm dilated to 5cm, and almost 100% effaced. No weight gain from last week, thankfully! The baby's still doing good, strong heartbeat in the 140's. But she really has not dropped significantly. And I guess that she may not, this might be one of those times when you really need the contractions to move the baby down.

We scheduled induction for the 28th, in case she doesn't arrive on her own before then. I was worried about that, because trying to induce can cause other problems and it can fail. But my doctor said that since I've progressed so far on my own, that I shouldn't have any issues like that. It's when you try to induce when you aren't dilated or effaced that it can fail. But all I'm lacking is contractions to get this baby moving, so if we do have to induce she said that I'd have the baby within 12 hours. But she also said that she doesn't think I will make it to the 28th since I've been progressing so steadily on my own over the past 3 weeks. Maybe she will arrive right on time? Her time that is, my time for her arrival has definitely past!

So within the next 8 days we will have our baby girl! It feels very good to have an end date. Tomorrow is my last day at work too. We really don't have any plans for the weekend, just more waiting. I am still getting a few things done, there is always something you know. But the bags are all packed and in the car, the baby's room is ready, everything major is in place.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Jess is ready and waiting too. Come out and play Baby!

Anonymous said...

Drink some prune juice!