Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two Week Update

I think it's done. The bedtime weaning is done. Tonight I put Emma to bed by myself and didn't nurse her, and neither of us cried!

Last week Tony had a dinner meeting with a client, so I had to put Emma to bed alone that night too. It was December 10, 2009. The last time I nursed Emma to bed. I tried to not nurse her but she was very upset and crying so I told her we could nurse for 10 minutes, then she would have to lay down in her bed. That worked, she went to bed willingly and didn't cry when I left her room.

Tonight I was afraid that she'd get upset again. She did ask to nurse several times but each time I said "remember we don't nurse at bedtime anymore." I read books to her instead and she drank her cup of water. Tony has been reading books to her at bedtime and I think she is really enjoying it, because we read four books tonight. After the 4th book I turned off the light and just rocked her and sang. She asked for the light a few times but wasn't upset and didn't ask to nurse again.

I sang and rocked for about 15 minutes, then told her it was goodnight time and laid her in her bed. She didn't cry! I was amazed. I'm a little sad but also very happy that we've established a new routine so fast that is happier for everyone.

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JessBless said...

Congratulations. Good job!