Saturday, December 05, 2009

Bedtime weaning update

Tonight Daddy put Emma to bed without a fuss or a tear. From Emma that is. I am still sad. When we announced it was time for bed, she gave me several long looks, like she was wondering what I was going to do. But she went up with Daddy and never asked to nurse or cried when he put her to bed. I guess I am doing ok, I didn't cry through the whole bedtime tonight. I am still nursing at nap time and trying to enjoy and appreciate every minute of it. Today at nap time Emma fell asleep fairly quickly, within 10 minutes. But the first 4-5 times I tried to unlatch her, she woke up and asked to nurse more. So of course I did. I'm sure she was just trying to hang out since it's the only time we nurse now. My supply already has slow down so I'm not dealing with any discomfort.

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