Wednesday, December 09, 2009

One week

Monday was one week since I nursed Emma at night and put her to bed. Mostly I think it's going well. She seems to be adjusting just fine. Last night it only took Tony about 15 minutes to put her to bed. She cried a little when I said goodnight and left them in her room, but once I left she was fine.

I am feeling better now that she's doing well with it. I have much more energy in the evening and am actually getting things done quickly and still having time to relax. I am going to bed early or on time because I don't feel that I must stay up later to get things done.

I am also coming to realize that complete weaning is not too far off. So I'm really enjoying and appreciating the one time a day we do nurse. I am trying to memorize Emma's sweet face looking up at me, and how relaxed and warm her little body feels in my arms. I love to cradle her and hold her so close. I hope that I can continue to cradle her after we've weaned, whenever that does happen.


Fran said...

Look, I'm leaving a comment.

Fran said...

Emma is getting to be a big girl!