Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Today has been ok. Since we still have only one car, and Tony had a meeting up north at 9am, I was not able to take Emma to Mother's Day Out. I spent a lot of time trying to connect with her, playing with her and reading to her. She seems to be fine, she's been happy, playing well and eating well. At her nap time we did nurse. She was very content and nursed for about 15 minutes and feel asleep. I was ready for her to nurse too. After skipping last night, my left side was starting to hurt. I think it will take about to week for my milk supply to go down, and then I won't have the discomfort. I am still sad thinking that we are another step closer to completely weaning, but then a part of me is also feeling some relief. I know the nights will be hard for a while until Emma adjusts to her Daddy putting her to bed. I hope that it won't be too long before we can both put her to bed peacefully without nursing. It would be nice to take turns and share the bedtime duties.

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