Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random thoughts

My house is a mess. I just can't keep up with cleaning. I can barely grocery shop and cook meals 75% of the time. Our carpet is so gross I am thinking of buying a extremely large rug to cover it.

I'm very close to buying a jogging stroller. In fact I think I'm going to order one tomorrow, I just want to sleep on it tonight. I really want to start running and walking again. The weather will be getting nice again soon and in 2008 and part of 2009 I really enjoying getting out with Emma. I had bought a used jogging stroller but finally got rid of it because one tire kept going flat. Anyway, I hope to have my new one by next week sometime!

When spring arrives I want to start letting the kitties outdoors for a few hours everyday. Any poop and puke that can go outside is less for me to clean up. I'll have to get them vaccinated and that will cost some money but I think it'll be worth it. We have a friend that mounted some kind of glossy sheet metal all around the top of their fence to keep their cats in, and Tony says he'll do it for our yard. Even if he doesn't, I think they need to be outside some, for my own sanity. By about 3pm everyday they are camped out in the kitchen waiting for dinner and trying to trip me by walking around my legs. I can hardly go into the kitchen without getting attacked by the cats. It's probably because they are starving. I have stopped feeding them as much as they want. Less food in should equal less poop out, right? Right. But don't worry, I'm not starving them, they are still getting plenty. I'm just not letting them snack all day.

Finally, I will try to post more often as I've apparently got at least 7 readers out there! Thanks for posting your comments!


Susan said...

I say that everytime I clean......How can my house be this messy!!! Our carpet is only 5 years old and looks 20. Kids, Pets, Life. Emma is really happy you are going a great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Um, is the stroller here yet? Need more posts. J

Ronda said...

No stroller yet. Maybe before the week is over?