Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting closer?

We may be getting a bit closer to weaning Emma. The last two weeks I've been trying to change her naptime routine to more closely resemble her bedtime routine (when she doesn't nurse). We've been reading stories and I offer her water from her night time sippy cup. Most days she still asks to nurse. I try to get her to take the water instead but mostly she still nurses. But the first time she didn't nurse at naptime was Friday, January 8. It was strange really, she didn't even ask to nurse that day! I read stories, she drank her water and then she slowly drifted off to sleep as I rocked and sang songs to her.

On Monday January 11 it worked again. She asked to nurse but when I offered the water she accepted it without any tears so I went with it. Day two of napping without nursing! Then on Wednesday January 13 we didn't nurse again, but it wasn't a smooth naptime. She asked repeatedly, about 10 times. If she had started to cry I would have nursed her but she didn't. So that was day 3 of not nursing at naptime.

Then on Sunday, the 17th, we didn't nurse because we were traveling back from Waco. I timed it so that we left when Emma was tired and she just feel asleep in the car. But this week she has demanded to nurse everyday and when I try to distract her with water and books she's not buying it. So I will keep trying and hoping that she can adjust to not nursing.

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