Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monday, Tuesday...

I’ve been trying to get a routine established now that I am home with Emma full time. I’ve decided that Mondays are for staying home. I’m not going to make any appointments, run errands, etc., unless absolutely necessary. Mondays are for recovering from the weekend - even stay-at-home moms need that! So on Monday we stayed home, and in our pajamas most of the morning. I did plenty around the house though, and tried to plan our week.

Tuesday is going to be for getting out, running errands, play dates, or appointments. I really over did it yesterday though. We left about 9am, and we were gone all morning, and then went out again after lunch and a short nap for Emma. I didn’t know it was going to reach 101 degrees yesterday! By the end of the afternoon we were both way too hot and tired. So next time I’ll limit my errands to only a few places and try to just get out in the mornings!

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