Monday, September 06, 2010

3 weeks

Just about 3 weeks to go until baby boy is due! I'm feeling very uncomfortable! It's like I'm wearing extremely tight pants, and if I could just take them off my belly would feel so much better. Of course it's just because my skin is tight and so stretched that it hurts most of the time. Also I'm having a lot more back pain this time around, which is probably normal, I'm doing a lot more keeping up with Emma and getting ready for the baby.

Tomorrow I will go for my week 37 appointment. I'm sure I will have gained another 5-10 pounds but we shall see. I am certainly ready to no longer be pregnant, but the labor, birth and newborn stage are going to be a challenge so I'm not really ready for that. We have just a few things left around here to do to be ready. We do have the car seat installed, lots of clothes and diapers ready, and the bassinet is set up in our room. We are almost all packed for the hospital, I have a few last minute things to get packed.

Lastly I am trying to finish the panda bear I started for Emma a few months ago. I'm so close, if I would just sit down and do it I could probably finish in an hour or so. But my concentration skills are lacking right now so I haven't done it.

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