Thursday, March 12, 2009

Noah's Baby Blanket

Last month I finished a baby blanket for my cousin Kelli's first born, a little boy named Noah. I finished the blanket and got it in the mail the day before his due date, and he was right on time! This blanket was done in crochet, and was 27 inches by 24 inches when completed. I used a soft baby blue for a solid color blanket, but then for the border I used a variegated white with green, purple, yellow and blue. I actually did something a little different on the border and was able to give it a bit of body. I hate to use the word ruffle, but that's close. It's just a bit of fluff around the edge. Kelli seems to like it so I am happy it's done. Now I really am going to make a blanket for my Emma. I haven't picked out the yarn yet but I hope to soon. I am excited that I am going to take a little class and learn to knit a baby hat in the round. I'll post pictures when that's done. If I can learn to make a baby hat in a short time frame, then I will still be able to give homemade baby gifts, before the babies aren't babies anymore!

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