Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year

Today I am taking time while Emma naps to write. I'd like to try to blog once a month this year, so we'll see how I do at the end of 2009.

Emma is turning into such a little toddler! Today I grabbed my new iphone to take her picture when she was walking around, carrying a sippy cup in each hand, holding her Winne-the-Pooh birthday balloon (it still has air) and dragging behind her a green balloon she got last week from the grocery store. Unfortunately I did not get a good picture. I am not too happy with the camera on my iphone. If Emma moves even slightly, the picture is a blur and when I snap the camera, it has about a 2 second delay for the picture to take. And Emma is never still for long, so I don't have a lot of good pictures of her. I miss that about my Sprint camera phone. It took ok pictures and fast, without a delay.

Tonight I am going to a knitting gathering of some moms from my Attached Parenting group. We are meeting at this place called the Knitting Nest, were you can bring food and drink and sit around knitting. I hope to finish another baby blanket this week, so this will be a good time to work on it. It'll be a good chance for me to take a break, and give Tony some good time with Emma. Once this blanket is done then I will start on Emma's blanket.

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